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Coon Hunting Supplies, Cajun Lights, Dan`s Hunting Gear, Camo Clothing.

 Coon Hunting Supplies Store.

Cajun Coon Hunting Lights, Dan`s Hunting Gear, Hog Hunting Gear, Dog Training Gear, Camo Clothing,  Predator Hunting Gear,  Star Hunting Lights,  Hunting Light Accessories

The home for all types of hunting gear and coon hunting supplies for most of your coon hunting and your other hunting supply needs.

New check out the new Big Easy LED Cap Light by Cajun Adjustable from spot to flood Click here

We have add a new light builder for lights with 5100 heads and more coon hunting light parts and supplies



From Cajun Light Company

The Gator Light Bar is the most useful items that Cajun has ever came up with. There are many uses for the Gator Eyes. Cajun Gator Light Bar


       *Dog Tracking* Dans Hunting Clothing* Cajun Lights* Dogs Health* Books/DVDs * Game Calls

ASTRO320 - New DC320 Dog Tracking GPS from Garmin
NAM - Nature's Miracle
B169 - I'd Rather Be Rabbit Hunting
tc1 - tom turkey
Welcome to Coon Hunters Supply! We are a One Stop coon hunting and other hunting supplies on-line store, but we carry hunting gear for most of your other hunting needs. coon hunters, hounds men, predator calling, and hunting dog gear. We also have hog hunting gear, dog health and dog care items. If you love the outdoors. We have you covered. At Coon Hunters Supply we take customer service as very important to you. We try to carry other products to add more folks to our site and give more coon hunting supplies for the coon hunter and others that find our site useful. We have other hunting supplies or coon hunting supplies, that is the question.

Whether you spend time  running hounds,calling in wily predators. We have the hunting supplies you need. We believe you will enjoy our easy to use on line store. We invite you to shop with us.

Your order (big or small) is our #1 priority and customer service is our specialty. Everyone here at Coon Hunters Supply  fully understands that the customer comes first and that we won't be going home until each and every order is done and done right. We want ONE chance to prove ourselves to each of you. If we can't handle your order perfectly, we should not expect a second chance. Look for Coon Hunters Supply on Facebook  

We are a one stop Coon Hunting Supply Store

* Over Sixty Years of Coon Hunting experience

* Competitive Prices * Fast Shipping * Well Made, Tested and Proven Products

* Coon Hunting Supplies

* Dan`s Hunting Gear

* All of Our Products Have Been Tested By Us 

* Dog Training * Tracking * Dog Kennel Supplies  * Hound Hunting Supplies

* Cajun Hunting Lights

* Animal Calls

* Coon Hunting supplies

* Camo Clothing 

* Hog Hunting Gear

 ****Coon Hunters Supply Has the Bundles*****

Coon Hunters Supply has put some related items together.  As a bundle you save shipping times four, because all items are shipped at one time and we will pay that shipping cost.  You save $55.00 on each order. You will get every thing at one time from the manufacture.  All bundles are shipped free to your door. Check `em out: at Coon Hunters Supply Bundles

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                    Clothing                Collars                Lights           Soultion           Hunting

SKOJ - Sola Knock Out Jacket
DGS1 - Day-Glo Collar, 1 D-Ring
24 volt belt LED light Baby G - 24 volt belt LED light Baby Gator
MSear 8oz -

Over the years we have trained raccoon hounds and sold them to coon hunters in the USA and Canada. Training a young treeing coon hound is work well worth the time. Hunt him in local coon hunting club events and help support your coon hunting clubs,and other hunting, and shooting clubs. I used this as a way to tell how your young hound is coming as a coon hunter. A well trained coon hunting hound is a pleasure to hunt for fun or competition. I used these hunts to test coon hunting supplies and other hunting supplies. We have tested all the hunting gear we list. The last thing you want is hunting gear to fail you in the woods at night. We also check all the Coon hunting lights and other hunting gear. One of the greatest feelings comes when you can take the folks you know on their first coon hunt, and after that, they want to go coon hunting again. Coon hunting gear and hunting supplies tested by us at  Coon Hunters Supply.

When you are hunting with hunting supplies from Coon Hunter Supply you will enjoy the fact that you less chance of a equipment break down. Your safety and enjoyment of the hunt is our way to improve your hunting experience.

Grand Champiom coon hound 

 Oxbow Hill Bell

Use quality hunting supplies,  great coon hunting lights, hog hunting gear and hunting gear are very important for safety and of pleasure of the hunt.

 We as coon hunters hunt at night most folks see us on their land seem to think we are some sort of a outlaw. Always ask the owner of the land if you can cook hunt on his place. The owner wants to know who is on his land and why. Talk to his neighbors and let them know you have ask and have been given the right to coon hunt on the land next door. Ask if is OK for you to be on their land to pick up your coon hounds. This land owner may just let you hunt on his land, but at least you can get your dog. When I started coon hunting we could turn a coon hound out hunt almost any where you wanted. Times have changed, most of our favorite places are now posted. Always ask Permission to go coon hunting. The land owner will like that and so will his neighbors.

I always looked out for the farmers needs. Keep his land clean never leave a mess on his land. I would make time to go to the farmer and help him around the place. Fix fences, cleanup along the road ways that pass through his farm, asking to help out will give you a friendly face among the farm folks. I even gave a nice pair of work gloves or paid for a dinner for the farmer and his wife once a year. Just be a nice guy will get you more places to hunt.

 We hunters should be good stewards of the land we coon hunt. His property is safer with us coon hunting there.Be a good guest on the land you hunt. Word will get around and you as a coon hunter will be known as some one to trust.  All hunters need to let people know we are the good guys.

Support your local coon hunting club. These folks  will become friends for life. At these club you will meet and hunt with some of the best coon hunters and their coon dogs. Hunting with these folks can help your dog become a better coon hound. the guys at the clubs can help you get the right to hunt in new places and show you some of the best coon hunting in your area.

Coon hunting is a great sport. We as coon hunters should spend the time our friends and neighbors to get them to go on a few coon  hunts with us. I have always encouraged the younger folk to join us in the hunt. teach them about what qualities it takes for a coon hound to run a coons trail. How smart an old coon is at tiring to make the coon dog lose the trail. Then how the dog trees and will stay there until you get to him and his tree. I never kill a coon when I have guests with me for the first time. I like to let them see the coon and explain that we can let him alone for another day


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