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Sunspot LED Ultra Coon Hunting Light 


Sunspot LED coon hunting lights, a  new coon hunting light that has been tested by us to be a high quality LED coon hunting light.

The brightness of this Sunspot hunting LED lights will surprise you the first time you turn it on and it will always be as bright when you need it.

Sunspot LED coon hunting lights has a 2 year warranty,  on parts and labor and labor will be covered as long as you have your light.




We have tested this Sunspot coon hunting lights for over a year, along the way there have been some improvements and a few minor changes. The Sunspot LED lights have been tested in the field on many coon hunts, used for frog hunting, farm chores, and other hunting chores we all have to do.  We find the Sunspot coon hunting lights a quality light that more than meets with our requirements to be listed by  Coon Hunters Supply.

55,000 lux of brightness in a medium sized spot white spotting light. With a separate light for seeing those eyes. your choice of colored LED Red, Green, or Amber

Burn times: 1st click 125 hours, 2nd click 70 hours, 3rd click 35 hours, 4th click is 2.5 hours

Sunfire bright with a color led and lighter weight - 19.5 oz on the bump cap.

The color led is a flood that covers the whole tree with a low glow of your choice of color. As good as it gets for finding eyes.
The white light is as bright as you are going to get.

2 year parts warranty and a life time labor warranty. 30 day money back if returned in the shape that it was shipped to you in.

SUNFIRE Ultra Camo Coon Hunting Light

sunfireultracamo - SUNFIRE Ultra Camo Coon Hunting Light

Your price: $295.00
SUNFIRE Ultra BC Coon Hunting Light

sunfireultrabc - SUNFIRE Ultra BC Coon Hunting Light

Your price: $295.00

 Sunfire Coon Hunting Light

Built as well as the Sunspot coon hunting light, but with a tighter spot.  Aluminum Head, with excellent heat sinking

4 position click switch. 1st position good for a walking light.

The Sunfire coon hunting light comes with diffusing lens ( pick your color to widen the light for spotting)

sun fire spot   

Burn times are:, 1st click 140 hours, 2nd click 80 hours, 3rd click 35 hours, 4th click is 3.5 hours and is a blinding 50,000 lux

50,000 lux, I don't know of any other coon hunting light on the market with that high of a lux reading. this is not a spot light.

The spot is about the same size of a traditional 5100 head.
It weighs 25 oz and is as balanced as you can find. It weighs the same on the front as it does the back.

2 year parts warranty and a life time labor warranty.

30 day money back if returned in the shape that it was shipped to you in.

A lot of time and thought went in to these very well put together Sunspot hunting lights, with a clean and professional look. 

There are a lot of really nice bright and dependable lights on the market in the range from $100 to $500.

These lights are priced in the lower range but its brightness and durable construction certainly puts it in a class of much more expensive lights. With the best customer service that can possible be given.

sunfire 1 softcap
sun coon hunting lights

sunfire 1 softcap - sun coon hunting lights

Your price: $280.00
sunfire2bump cap
sunfire 2 bump cap

sunfire2bump cap - sunfire 2 bump cap

Your price: $280.00

Special 50.00 off Sales Price on the Night Razor

Tri-tronics Nightrazor

               Tri-tronics   Revolutionary LED Hunting Light 

. This Light passes all the tests I could put it through.  and still lives



      Only 160.99        

The Tri-tronic NIGHTRAZOR offers hunters a powerful and versatile cordless cap-mounted spotlight. At 180 Lumens, the NIGHTRAZOR super bright beam has a spot that is nearly twice as large as the competition.LIGHT FEATURES

Four Levels of Intensity:   Low,    Medium,      High,     Super Bright,   All levels are changed with the Intensity Knob, conveniently located on the right side of the NIGHTRAZOR.Light can be easily and quickly turned off with the Intensity Knob.

 The nightrazor features the following:

 Cordless, lightweight design (5.5 ounces)

 Four levels of brightness intensity

Rechargeable, long-lasting battery

S_O_S blinking mode

 Strobe mode to attract curious raccoons

 Rugged, waterproof body

 Red and Amber filters

 Flashing modes:

Using the Intensity Knob, the light can easily be changed to:

         a quick flashing strobe

       an emergency flashing S_O_S

OTHER FEATURES 2.51nch lens,   Cordless,  Weighs 5.5 oz . Waterproof & Rugged, Rechargeable - includes a Low Battery warning, Stainless Steel Mounting Clip - securely attaches to the bracket on the Tri-Tronics Bump Cap

Description: The new Tri-tronics NightRazor Light represents a dramatic move forward for those who hunt at night.The NightRazor is a completely cordless, self-contained LED headlamp that utilizes revolutionary optical quality lenses and and incredibly powerful energy source to produce a brilliant, pure white light that will turn to night into day, generating over 180 lumens.This is accomplished in an very small unit - the lens diameter is 2 1/2, and the body of the light measures 1 3/4 x 3, plus the overall weight is a remarkable 5 1/2 ounces

The Tri-tronics NightRazor has a sturdy clip that will allow it to attach to most standard bump caps. The switch that allow you to adjust intensities is easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. The power and brightness that this light provides along with its compact size and the no wire design quickly has earned it spot as our favorite light for night hunting. It is important to understand that the quality of the optics and lens on this light are unmatched, and the brilliance and quality of the light produced because of the quality of these materials, which cannot be found in any other light.

The NightRazor also has some cool additional features as well. There are four light intensity settings that allow run-time to range from 40 hours on low to 2 ½ hours on super bright. The switch to change settings is easy to grasp, even when wearing gloves, and has solid click settings to separate each intensity level. The light normally runs in steady beam on, regular mode, but can also be easily switched to strobe, or even to an SOS flashing mode. The compact nature of the light is like a dream come true. The lens diameter is 2 ½ and the body is about 3 long by 1 ¾ deep, and the overall weight of the unit is about 5 ounces. Compared to traditional night hunting lights, it is like a more powerful light without the bulk of batteries! The light comes with a very sturdy standard sized clip that will allow it to fit on most bump cap brackets.

Accessories You Might Need

Additional Tri-tronics accessories sold separately are a 12V DC vehicle charger, soft cap,bump cap, a clear lens protector, and red and amber lens covers.

Tritronics Nightrazor Light

NRL - Tritronics Nightrazor Light

Your price: $160.99
Night Razor Wall & Field (Car) Chargers

NRFC - Night Razor Wall & Field (Car) Chargers

Your price: $19.99
Night Razor Pop Covers

NRAF - Night Razor Pop Covers

Your price: $11.95
Night Razor Pop Covers

NRLP - Night Razor Pop Covers

Your price: $11.95
red pop cover

NRRF - red pop cover

Your price: $11.95
Night Razor Wall Chargers

NRWC - Night Razor Wall  Chargers

Your price: $19.99

 New Belt Light w/ leather Belt Battery packs

Our Belt Lights are 100% Leather, of #1 Quality. The battery packs are NiMH batteries. You can choose between a 14 Volt Belt Light or 21 Volt Belt Light. They have a 5 position switch on high and low beam. The head lamp is 5100 mine style head. Included is a bump cap or soft cap, and a charger. Belt and battery cases are tooled and the name can be tooled in belt and battery cases. Weights 2lbs. 1 year warranty. 

We try to keep them in stock at all times. For the belt size, please choose your actual waist size. 

Burn time on high beam is 2 hours and burn time on low beam is 7-8 hours.

belt light
Belt Lights

belt light - Belt Lights

Your price: $289.00 - $339.00

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