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Dan`s Hunting Gear for The Outdoor Kids

Briar Proof Hunting Clothing for the kids. Dan`s hunting gear for the kids. Great for hunting, fishing, berry pickin` almost all out door stuff kids enjoy.

Take the young-un to the woods. How about coon hunting, a fishing trip, or just let em play in the great out doors.  These Items are built tough for great wear. Now they can have Dan`s Hunting Gear for them just like dads and moms. On the the farm, in the field. the kids hunting clothing, built by Dan's Hunting Gear will wear well, is Briar Proof and will take the beating only a kid can do and will last. Dan`s Hunting boots, Lacrosse boots, and Arctic Hunting boots. Dan`s hunting clothing for kids is built for and tested by the Amish children.

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. If we don`t have your product in stock, it will be built for you and then be shipped to you

Check your child's sizes for boots chaps,coats, etc.

Kids hooded coat

Kid's Hooded Coat by Dan's Hunting Gear In Ohio

This coat is a mini duplicate of Daddy’s 401. Flannel liner and two hand warmer pockets. Sizes Small to XLarge






Kid's Game Coat by Dan's Hunting Gear In Ohio

Kid's Game Coat


# K-404

Made with an outside gamebag, flannel liner and two handwarmer pockets. Brown and orange.


Kid's Blaze Orange Briar proof Hunting Vest by Dan's Hunting Gear In Ohio

 Kid's Blaze Orange Vest

# K-411

Keep your kids protected and visible with this blaze orange nylon vest. Similar to our adult 411, comes with two pockets on the front and a game bag on the back. Sizes S & L
Made in U.S.A.


Kid's Game Bag 

 Kid's Snap on Briarproof Gamebag by Dan's Hunting Gear In Ohio K-409 

Attaches to the K-401. Same as Daddy's, only smaller. Made in U.S.A.

Color: Brown


Kid's Waterproof Chaps 

Kid's Waterproof Briar proof Hunting Chaps by Dan's Hunting Gear In OhioK-604

This kids version of Dan's Hunting Gear briar proof waterproof chap comes with a strap and buckle that fastens to their belt.  Kid's chaps do not have side zippers.
Made in U.S.A.  K-604 Color: Brown


Kid's Waterproof Bibs 

Kid's Waterproof Hunting Bibs by Dan's Hunting Gear In Ohio# K-315

These waterproof bibs are ideal for those kids who like to play in the mud. They are also briar proof so they can run along with Daddy in the briars.
Made in U.S.A.


  Kid's Muck Rugged II Boots

Kid's Muck Rugged II Hunting Boots at Dan's Hunting Gear In Ohio


Kid's Muck Rugged II Boot
This is a cold weather boot. Also available with chaps

All MUCK BOOTS are 100% waterproof keeping feet warm, dry and protected in harsh weather and messy working conditions. The secret – our exclusive, self insulating, waterproof CR shell construction. The CR-foam bootie material acts as a "neutral medium" between inside and outside temperatures.

Naturally lightweight, and very comfortable, the material keeps the foot and lower leg warm and protected in cold and wet conditions. Natural rubber overlays act as a protective skin for the upper bootie. The upper has a triple-reinforced toe area and quadruple-reinforced heel area. The outsole is made of high abrasion natural rubber. The rubber in the boots will stay flexible for years.

Kid's Muck Arctic Boots w/Chap "Froglegs" 

v at Dan's Hunting Gear In Ohio


DAN’S FROGLEGS are constructed using an outer layer of stout material that is lined with very water repellent nylon to help stop any moisture that gets through the outer layer, plus they easily turn briars. The nylon goes all the way down to the lower ankle of the boot, providing the boots and your legs with protection from sharp sticks and briars. They are carefully made, and then sewn and sealed to the boots of your choice. DAN’S FROGLEGS can be attached to your belt using the adjustable straps, or folded down and snapped at your knees using the snaps in the leggins and the boots.

Lightweight chap...$105.00

Snake Protector chap... $120.00

kid's hooded coat

K-401 - kid's hooded coat

Your price: $50.00
kid's game coat

K-404 - kid's game coat

Your price: $52.00
Kid's Blaze Orange Vest

K411 - Kid's Blaze Orange Vest

Your price: $29.00
Kid's Game Bag

K-409 - Kid's Game Bag

Your price: $18.00
Kid's Waterproof Chaps

K-604 - Kid's Waterproof Chaps

Your price: $22.00
Kid's Waterproof Chaps

K-604 - Kid's Waterproof Chaps

Your price: $22.00
Kid's Waterproof Chaps

K-315 - Kid's Waterproof Chaps

Your price: $64.00
Kid's Muck Rugged II Boots

K-741 - Kid's Muck Rugged II Boots

Your price: $79.95 - $115.00
Kid's Muck Arctic Boots w/Chap "Froglegs"

K-741-615 - Kid's Muck Arctic Boots w/Chap Froglegs

Your price: $105.00 - $120.00
Dan`s Hunting Clothing is Briar proof, Long wearing, hunting clothing for the hunter, farmer, lumberjack, in fact the best clothing for all outdoors men or women and kids. All of Dan`s hunting clothing is hand made by the Amish in Ohio.

 Dan`s Hunting Clothing are made in the USA. Made by Amish craftsmen in Ohio. Dan`s Hunting Gear know how to build clothing that is long last and is worn and tested by the Amish farmers and hunters daily. These folks are hard workers and their clothing is really put to the test from hunting, plowing, farm chores, all day 7 days a week. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Dan`s hunting clothing just contact Coon Hunters Supply and we will do our best to get you what you need. Dan`s Hunting Clothes has been building hunters clothing for many years... Craftsmen in Ohio Amish Country who take pride in their work produce these top quality products. Rugged, comfortable, durable - the best on the market!...When you care enough to WEAR the Best...They are designed by hunters, for hunters...Proudly made in the U.S.A. Coon Hunters Supply has bundled some Dan`s Hunting Clothing as package deals for gifts for the folks who do a lot outdoor activities, be it hiking, bird watching, fishing, for the kids, 

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