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                            Dan's  Chest Waders.

Dan,s Chest Waders constructed using an outer layer of stout material that is lined  with water repellent nylon

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Finally, Dan's have made the one thing that we fisherman and other outdoors men have been waiting for. Waders that will out last those rubber boots that, we might get a season or so before they had to be replaced. These new boots are made of the better material. and the skilled folks at Dan's. Brier proof, water proof to the waist,

Briarpoof Frogger Bibs by Dan's Hunting Gear      

 Dan's  Chest Waders

 Enjoy the best of both worlds as you hunt in the wettest and wildest country. Inspired by frequent requests, this comfortable wader will give you the ultimate protection from briars and water. The Briar Fighter bib is attached to our Frogger Boot and is waterproof to the adjustable belt line. Features an expandable chest and shell pocket with Velcro closures. Hand pockets with mesh liner for draining purposes. Bibs can be separated for cleaning. 100% Waterproof from waist down 

These waders are great for the fly fishermen. As we all know those rubber boots can not take the  beating we fishermen put them through . I fish those areas that you have to fight briers and thorns just to get to the stream. or going to a wilderness area for the best fly fishing can be rough on any boot, Dan's new waders will get you there  and still keep out the water. We coon hunters put our boots in the worst places you can go and expect the waders to last. Dan's are built for these kinds of work . Try them!

             Ladies chose one sizer than the mens boots, they will work just fine for you. 

Dan's Waders

743-801 - Dan's Waders

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  froglegs chaps Sizing Chart

Sizing chart for Froglegs and chaps

DAN’S FROGLEGS are constructed using an outer layer of stout material that is lined with very water repellent nylon to help stop any moisture that gets through the outer layer, plus they easily turn briars. The nylon goes all the way down to the lower ankle of the boot , providing the boots , and your legs with protection from sharp sticks and briars. They are carefully made, then sewn and sealed to the boots of your choice.
DAN’S FROGLEGS can be attached to your belt using the adjustable straps, or folded down and snapped at your knees using the snaps in the leggins and the boots.
To determine the size you need, measure over your jeans around the largest part of your leg at the upper thigh then add 2”or 3” to that measurement. For the inseam go 2” to 3” shorter than your normal inseam: We recommend 3” shorter. If you’re between sizes, most folks choose the short length.
Custom Sizes for Froglegs: For $15.00 extra, we will custom make Dan’s Froglegs to sizes not listed, with the understanding that they are a custom made, one-of-a-kind order, and cannot be exchanged. On all custom orders we need your actual inseam, thigh, and calf measurements. Our boot sizing recommendations work for most folks, however, because of higher arches , insteps, wider or narrower feet, our guidelines may not work for everyone.

If you’ve never worn the boots before, we suggest that you order the boots first to make sure they fit before ordering custom Froglegs.

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