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Dan`s Hunting Gear Custom Embroidery Service.

Dan`s Hunting Clothing offers custom Embroidery on most shirts, jackets, coats, and   bib coveralls.   

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If you are looking for a new way to expose your business to a wider public, you don`t need to look very far. A great way to advertise your Kennel, Stud dog, or your business, Or just have your name on your coat, shirt or your bibs.

Just $9.00 for Name on front  per pocket. $1.50 per letter 11/2" tall on back( some letters maybe a little smaller to make the lettering look even for your jacket] Over 75 Letters at $ 1.10.

Almost any Coats, Jackets, Bibs, and Shirts can be embroidered. We can not do your dogs picture,(the detail is to hard to do and you will not think your dog looks like that). We can do a breed picture if you want. That will take a picture I can have Dan`s give you a quote on a breed picture. Can do almost colors and your design if you send it ( could cost a will little extra depending on how hard it is to do).

Please allow us sometime for delivery. We will get your custom product to you as soon as we get it ready.

    embroidery on jacket       over pocket embroidery       over pocket embroidery

This is a shirt made for Coon Hunters Supply. The are not shown in their true color, but close to white and glow orange that is the colors.

Dan`s are the experts and will make it look great for your needs. There is no return on custom built items make sure you get the right plate form, shirt or what ever, size, colors and any other info you need to give us on order, We will try to contact you to make sure we have all information right and you get what you order.  When you check out on cart there is a place for comments put the information you want there. Order shirt or what ever you need first then the embroidery. We can also customize any thing you wanted on your product( we will call you to make sure we are on the same page on your product.

Dan's Embroidery

Embroidery - Dan's Embroidery

Your price: $9.00 - $78.00

Custom embroidery on a shirt, jacket, or coat can be a great way to advertise your kennel, stud dog, or what ever service provide. I wear mine most of the time when I am out and about. I was shocked at the number of folks stop me at the hunts, shopping, or just roamimg  around the area. I always carry a business card in my jacket and you would be surprised at the number of sales I get over time. Dan`s will customer embroidery what you buy from them and order the embroidery from them to do before shipping.                                      

MEMPHIS, TN.  38127
Phone: 901 358 9619

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