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Coon Hunters Supply, Cajun Lights, Dog Training, Hunting Clothing

We also have Hog Hunting Supplies,  Dog Supplies, and a lot more 

Coon Hunting Supplies, Cajun lights, Dog Training Supplies, Hunting Clothing, and Trapping Supplies, and Other hunting supplies.

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Your order (big or small) is our #1 priority and customer service is our specialty. Everyone here at Coon Hunters Supply  fully understands that the customer comes first and that we won't be going home until each and every order is done and done right. We want ONE chance to prove ourselves to each of you. If we can't handle your order perfectly, we don't expect a second chance

 Little about us.

 I treat our customers as the friends they are. A happy customer is not our only job. Getting you the best product at a reasonable price is our main job. 

We are coon hunters with over 60 years experience in hunting with all types of hunting hounds. Coon hunting and coon hunting hound training has been our main interest, however we have trained and hunt all type of hounds from beagles to fox hounds and every thing in between. We have hunted club hunts, Professional hunts, benefit hunts and have judged for all types of hunts. We trained most of our hounds our selves. Hounds were not the only types of dogs we trained. With all the hunting dog training, hunting, trading and other dog related stuff. I have learned a great deal about the lack of supplies, in any one location. Where a coon hunter or a dog person can find quality products and maybe a little advice. We buy a lot of our products from the manufacture, that way we can get products that our custom built for you by some of these folks.

Our reason for Coon Hunters Supply: As a coon hunter for over 60 years. We have never found a sporting goods store that stocked every thing we would need for coon hunting and hog hunting. We also will carry only the best gear that we or our friends have tested and will not carry the cheap junk other stores do. cheap stuff ain`t cheap if  fails when you need it the most. If you find something that you think we should carry, Give us a call and after we test it we will try to list the item. 

It is our mission here at Coon Hunters Supply to enhance your life by bringing you products that make life more comfortable and enjoyable in the field, swamps and on the farm. We provide easy shopping for the highest quality  products.  So let’s support the products that are manufactured in the USA. We appreciate the help and input you gave us in the research and listing of our new products. You are partners in this and if there is anything we can do to further support you, our customer, please call us or send us your comments. We truly appreciate your business and want to continue to support your needs through the coming seasons.

 The sport of coon hunting is making a come back from  its days of glory. Coon hunting was the way to put food on the family table, but as hunting for food slowed down and hunters now centers around the joy of the hunt. There is a lot of joy in coon hunting and training your hunting dog. Coon Hunting is a family affair. Take the kids and the lady of the house along. Invite friends and other folks along for a coon Hunt. You don`t need to kill the coon just show them coon in the tree that is what the hunt is all about. Just be safe and have fun. Go to an easy place for your guest to get around ( save the crappy hunting places for your hunting)

Coon Hunters Supply sells Cajun Lights, Game Calls, Dog Training Supplies, hog hunting supplies, Traps, Trapping supplies, Coon Hunting Clothes, Boots, Snake Protection Chaps and coon Hunting Supplies or for any hunter that uses dogs to hunt coon, hogs, deer, bear, rabbits and other Game.

Oxbow Hill Bell Grand Night Champion

Grand Night Champion

Thanks for visiting Coon Hunters Supply. We are here for you. Enjoy your sport.      


I hunted competition  hunts. Winning or loosing The Hunt are always fun. We have won more than our share of these hunts, but meeting the great guys and gals that come to or put on these hunts always Made my day a little brighter. You may find a new prospect for your kennel or meet a hunter that could be a great friend. The judges, guides, the master of hounds are the best the club has to offer. Don`t go back to hunt their area unless invited by one of the club members. Be a good guest and gracious winner or loser, But have fun 

Take a kid coon hunting. Teach them about the hounds. How they work the trail and tree. I don`t like to kill the coon in the area where I train my dogs, why lose a good coon to train your dog with. This way you have a place you can always go for a good chase a great place to take your guests for a good hunt. You know the lay of the land and can always get the party back to the truck. Have fun with the guest and remember not many coon hunters turn to drugs, neither will a kid who loves to hunting coon. Have fun.Train a young dog with your old dogs. It is hard work, but the rewards are great. Get a well bred dog of your choice and make him or her a real coon hunting dog. 

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Next world Champ.?

The next world show champion

I have always loved to hunt and fish. In the last few years we find more and more posted land. I have always ask for permission  to go on other peoples land no matter the reason. Always treat the area you are welcome on with respect. never leave a mess, always be safe, offer they owners part of your catch and clean it for them. I go out to these folks and help with any chores they need help with. I sometime drop off some good gloves, some dinner reservations, just some nice thing to let these folks that you are the nice guy that they can trust on there land. remember with out them your outdoor time could be limited.

Our Referrals  

Got my boots today. I just wanted to take the time and thank you for talking with me and your customer service, is the best. Its nice to see there are some good business out there still like the way this great country was founded on. Thank you and if I need anything, I`ll look to coon hunters supply first. Scott, Ohio.


Wow you guys are good to your customers and offer prompt replacement for my order. I got the clothing today and they fit. Thanks for your help. Sean

Thank you for quick warranty service. You did such a fast turn around on my  light warranty that I got to hunt this weekend. I needed one more win with my Jill to make her Night Champion. Jill will be my first Night champion. I think she will become my first Grand Night Champion. Thanks Gary G. Ohio

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